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Welcome to River's Way Healthcare of Virginia, PLLC
Healing Philosophy:  Dr. Powell takes an integrative approach toward patient care rather than just treating symptoms so that her patients’ healing and improved well-being can be achieved at the source. She considers the factors that can impact a patient, such as inflammation, toxins, stress, and metabolic changes. Examining the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels of the patient provides the groundwork of Dr. Powell’s treatment. She begins where the patient is and establishes a co-creative relationship, thereby helping the patient toward greater well-being and healing. Both allopathic and research-based complementary modalities are incorporated as part of the healing journey.

Nancy A. Powell, M.D., River’s Way Healthcare of VA, PLLC
5500 Monument Ave., Suite T, Richmond, VA 23226-1414.
804-379-4560,  fax 804-781-4949,  email RiversWayVA@gmail.com